Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Choosing a Steer

Newborn George 10/28/2013

El Torro, George's dad

Many 4-H kids who show a market animal go to breeders and purchase steers.

Because our family has a small cow/calf operation, we use steers from our own stock.  Therefore, choosing a steer for me means first praying during calving season that we have some bull calves!   Last year, when the calves were born for this year's steer project, we had two bull calves: George and Jake. Both were Brangus cross steers who looked great.

I chose George over Jake because I like his markings and his lines were slightly better.  His mom is a very good-natured cow, and I am hoping that will be true of George as well.

Sweet Sue, George's mom

Most importantly, at the time I chose, George out-weighed Jake even though he was several months younger. Weight was an important factor for me because show steers must weigh a minimum of 600 pounds by the September weigh-in. Last year I had a beautiful steer, but he had trouble keeping weight on.  Getting him to 1000 pounds by the fair was a nail-biter.  By choosing a hearty steer like George, I won't have that worry this year.

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